Monday, October 4, 2010

Where does the time go?

Close up of the "after" (the paper is still on the cabinets below)

AFTER - no more pink formica! (Still have to do the backsplash)

BEFORE - ugly 90's pink formica with wood trim! Yuck...

I am such a bad blogger! I swear in my mind that it has not been since Jan. that I posted anything - but I guess it has! So I have been busy making signs - which has been fun. I have also been doing some furniture makeovers. My latest endeavor has been Aurastone! For anyone who has not seen this product go to this stuff rocks!

I just finished my counter tops and my neighbors counter tops with this. You can go over any surface and it looks AMAZING! Here are my before and after pics for my kitchen. (Not sure how my Before pictures always end up last - sorry).