Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Goodwill Score!

BEFORE - $7.00 White Pleather (?)
AFTER - Vintage Fabulousness

Top View

I stopped on my way back from the Street of Dreams yesterday at the Goodwill in Tigard....I know, I know - the juxtaposition is ironic. But anyhoo, I scored a bunch of great items that are just begging to be transformed into something uber cute! Here is a cute little vanity stool that I got for $7.00......BEFORE and AFTER pics. What do ya think I can sell it for at my upcoming sale?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My French Canvas Pillows - Super Cute!!

Well, if you read my previous entry you will see that I was going to try and make the pillows I had posted a picture of using the CitroSolv method.......Well, if you also read the comment below my post, you will see that I had no luck with my transfers!

After emailing, and reading and searching blogs, I found another method that worked out FABULOUS! I used Lesley Riley's TAP Transfer Artist Paper which I bought on Amazon.com. It took a little over a week to get here but it was worth the wait. While I was waiting for it, I went to Michael's craft store and got a few other transfer methods to try but no matter what I did you could see where I put it on. So, those were epic failures too.

I still want to try the CitraSolv method (if I can find a copy machine that will work!) because there is so much you could use it for beyond fabric!

To make these pillows I followed a tutorial on http://www.shabbybeachnest.com/ Instead of the CitraSolv steps, I did the TAP transfers. Thank you Nicole Wright for those great instructions. This is the first project that I have ever sewn that turned out! Yeah!!

I used a canvas painters tarps from Home Depot. I washed it 2 times to get the gunk off and to also make it softer (like a pillow should be). The tarp was around $30 for a 12' x 20' size. I only used about 1/8 of it and made 4 pillows. So I should be able to make lots more. To buy the pillows in the Restoration Hardware catalog - $30 dollars (average) for EACH pillow. I just save myself $90.

Check out the pictures of my pillows in all of their cuteness (above)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Trying something new and fun

Pillows I am inspired to make...

I am going to be trying my hand at making some vintage towels and pillows. I am going to be using some graphics that I downloaded at http://www.graphicsfairy.blogspot.com/. I'm going to try and replicate the cool burlap pillows you are seeing in Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware (to name a few places). I'm going to be using the CitraSolv transfer method. Instead of burlap, I'm going to practice on my canvas paint tarps. That way I can practice my technique before I ruin a perfectly good towel or pillow cover. I will hopefully have some picture before the weekend is over!! I found this image on the internet but I'm not sure who to give due credit to.