Wednesday, April 3, 2013

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Well, I have forgotten about my Blog - so much for best laid plans!  However, my friend and I have a fun pickin' business we call Faire de Rue Vintage Market and we have been bloggin on there.  I think for now instead of failing trying to keep up with 2 Blogs, I would love if you popped over and "Followed" us on our new wordpress Blog site.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Here is a great cost saving idea for you artists out there.....Shop thrift stores and look for canvas art that is for sale for mere dollars.  Trust me, most are going to be UGLY art but you are not buying it for the art!
Paint over what was on there and create your own art.  I actually took some plaster and crackle and created this over the top of a really dated looking canvas that had been wrapped with some weird fabric.  Instead of trying to get the fabric off, I just went right over the top with some black paint, then the plaster and then my birds on a wire.  I think I paid $4 for it and sold it for $40.  

I participated in the Paris Flea Market in Florence, Oregon last week.  
Here are a few pictures from the sale.

 This is a grouping of some of my painted pieces.  In the little blue rectangle box, 
I made some really cute lavender sachets that sold like hot cakes.
 My clock table and small compass table were both Craigslist finds that I repainted.
 Another Craigslist table made gorgeous by yours truly.
Annie Sloan duck egg and dark wax with a black top.
 I used Proceed smooth crackle plaster on this table top.  I loved how it turned out.
Annie Sloan Chateaux Grey and dark wax on the legs.
 Cute little sewing stool finished in Burlap and the legs are Annie Sloan Old White.
 Graphics from The Graphics Fairy.  Love her site!!!
 Pillows, Pillows, Pillows - you can never make too many.....
 Hand made sign made from old cabinet door.
Chairs painted and upholstered by my friend Jen Rygh.  French Linen Annie Sloan chalk paint with dark wax.  Table was painted my me to match her chairs.  

I have been busy lately scouring Craigslist, Goodwill and Sal Val's for some great pieces to get shabbied up for our upcoming Faire de Rue sale that will be on May 11 & 12.  Here are some of my "before" pictures of some things I found today. I have 3 weeks to make these fabulously vintage inspired!!  No pressure......Oh, and also still work 32 hrs a week at my "real" job.
 This piece is begging for some paint and pizzazz.
Got this piece but it has some broken leaded glass panes.  
I hope I can fix it.  If not, out it all comes and maybe some chicken wire???
 Close up detail.....
 This has some major potential.  
 This table is awesome.  I found it at an estate sale.  I'm thinking I am just going to 
paint the legs because I love the ole wood on top.
 $30 bucks for this!  Really??  It will be fabulous when it's done! 
 This is a strange it a table? (too short) it it a bench? (too high and too wide)

 We've seen these all over the place - ugly brown secretary desk.  I have done one of these 
make overs in the past and it turned out great.  I got a black base coat on it today. 
 This table reeks, stinks, gags me with cigarette smoke.  It has permeated the wood.  I left it outside with dryer sheets in the drawer but still reeks.  I pulled out the Benjamin Moore oil based alkyd Fresh Start primer for this one.  I usually don't prime ANYTHING or use anything oil based.  I have to make an exception with this one.......It says on the can that it blocks odor.  This will definitely be the test!!
 I got this free from a friend of mine.  The knobs are off already and I painted it black so far......

What to do with this......Bought it for $2 AS IS.  As you can see, AS IS means there are no drawers.  But for 2 bucks, how could I NOT buy it!  I need to dig down deep into my creative brain to try and think outside the box on what to make this into......If you have any ideas what I could do with this, let me know.  I am always open to hear ideas that I can steal :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I have a few BEFORE and AFTER pictures to share with you.  You might remember these pieces from a post a few weeks ago when I went picking at Camas Antiques.  
Well, here they are in their new crusty glory.

BEFORE - Ugly brown wood

Close up Detail 

AFTER -Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Old White and clear wax

BEFORE - good character, but ugly color

AFTER - Annie Sloan Duck Egg blue, dry brushed with Old White.  
Waxed with clear and dark wax and then flyspecked and dry brushed aged.

Close up detail (sorry I should have cropped the picture!)

More to come.....stay tuned.  :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

I spent the last few days doing some picking!  I found some awesome finds that I thought I would share.  I will be painting and making some of the pieces fabulous!  I will post picks when I get them done.  

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Well, I got some things painted up and delivered them to Diane Archer Estate Sales and Paris Flea Market (located in Florence, OR) last week.  Here are some pictures.  Some of the items are from the haul I made from Camas Antiques last week.  Can you pick them out?   As I was unloading my car at the shop, people bought a few things before I could get a price tag on them.  :)  Always a good sign!
I also tried my hand at card making.....kinda went with a French Theme.  Diane is selling them at her store also.  So far, people like them.

 French Theme table
 Close up of top
 Chalkboard made from Vintage Frame
 Mirror painted and waxed with multiple layers.
 Hand painted Compass Table
 Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue with Dark Wax
 Coat rack/shelf dry brushed with Annie Sloan Old White
 Pile of things to be loaded up to be delivered
 Handmade Cards

 Vintage Cabinet Door made into art piece