Sunday, May 29, 2011

Follow up on my previous post about Art for an auction

Here are the art pieces that I made to donate to the Peace Harbor Hospital fundraising auction that is happening on June 4th.

Another Kitchen loses the ugly formica


AFTER - (the new undermount sink is not in yet)

AFTER (close up)

AFTER (the plug ins still need the covers put on)

Here is another kitchen that I just finished up this week. It was a light blue formica with a very country looking wall paper border. They just had their kitchen cabinets re-done and got new stainless appliances so it just made sense to do the counter tops next. They looked into granite and other stone. They had a gal friend come from Montana and stay with them last July for the IDAL Convention. She ended up taking the same Aurastone class from David Rarick that I did. She showed them the samples and they were very intriqued by them. She ended up having shoulder surgery and wanted to know if there was anyone in the Portland area that did Aurastone because her friends wanted to have it done (and she couldn't do it for them). That is where I came in......super nice people and I enjoyed doing their kitchen.

Here are the before and after pictures (above).

This is an Emperador "stone" look done with Aurastone with custom colors. You couldn't get this real stone in a custom color, let alone the price tag would be huge!!