Monday, January 18, 2010

Signs, Signs and More Signs


Close up of distressing detail

"My Family"

Here are the pictures of the signs I have been working on that I mentioned in my last posting. They are old cabinet doors and drawer fronts that I bought for $1 each. I scuffed them with some sand paper, cleaned them and then painted 2 coats of paint on them. I didn't use primer because I was going to be distressing them so I didn't care if some of the paint came off. I was going for that look. I also used Benjamin Moore Aura paint which is very thick and is almost self-priming by itself. Used a little Modge Podge and glued down some heavy duty scrapbook paper, and hand painted some lettering.....Wah-lah! 24 of them have been pre-sold. The 2 themes are Beach Cottage & Vintage French.

Hope you enjoy them!

Have a great New Year......


Magic Brush said...

So cute!!!!! Love the "sand in your toes one"

オテモヤン said...
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