Friday, April 1, 2011

Aurastone Class - 5 days of inspiration!

My samples from the Aurastone class More Samples - so hard to photograph these because they are so dimensional. Can't see that in the pictures unfortunately.
8 samples total in 5 days - Whew!
Sample in their showroom in Phoenix - Aurastone and a Modello
Too bad you can't see the depth and sparkle!
Aurastone Tiger Onyx
The wall of samples.....
I arrived in Phoenix on a Sunday evening. Already I was excited because it was NOT raining and it was warm!! Coming from the Pacific Northwest that is saying something this time of year.

Class started promply at 8:00am the next morning. The next 5 days were a blurrrrr. I had trouble sleeping because my brain was in creative mode. Kept thinking of all the ways I could use this application on that piece of furniture! Kitchen countertops, art creations, trash to treasure pieces ~ you name it, I thought of it. I was at the Granicrete/Aurastone Headquarters and Susan Anspach was my instructor. She is an amazing & creative women.

My sample boards are pictures above, along with the samples that were in their showroom are shown above......Gorgeous and inspirational to say the least.

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