Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lots to do this week...

Well, I've been following thru with my New Year's Resolution! Woo Hoo! I have 2 canvas art projects going right now to donate to a fundraiser for Peace Harbor Hospital in Florence, OR (where I used to work). I'm flexing my creativity muscles on those - so far so good. I will post some pictures when they are totally done.
I also have a end table makeover going on. The top is going to be done in Aurastone and legs will be painted and distressed. I am working on 2 sets of nesting tables (3 tables in each set) - they will also be Aurastone tops. The legs are painted metal.
I had a huge custom wood tray made for another client and am doing a customized wine label design in the center of it. It's going to look very tuscanny.
I also have a very cool old hutch that I bought for $25 from a fellow decorative painter that was liquidating inventory. I have been scraping paint of the glass forEVER! Once I get all that done I'll finally be able to paint it - I'm thinking a pale green or blue vintage look with some crackle and glazing. The shelves will be faux Carrera Marble. I can't wait to do it - in my head it looks great!
My shop looks like a bomb went off though. I can hardly turn around. Oh well, I'm having fun and that's all that matters right?
Until next time ~ Go and paint something!

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