Monday, September 26, 2011

I really need some professional classes on how to photograph things!  I look at other blogs and the pictures are all cute and staged and the lighting is perfect!  Something to strive for in the future!  But for now I'm just showing what a little Modge Podge and old cabinets doors can turn into.
The artwork that has the bee on it was done with a transfer technique using Golden Matte Medium.  You brush it over the image (2 light coats), let it dry over night.  Flip it over, spritz with water and scrub off the paper with your finger or a towel.  You should be left with just the image which you can then adhere to whatever you want.
The bottom image I did a tea stain of some photocopies of some vintage sheet music that I have from my Grandma. Some of the music has copyright dates on them from 1902!  When I photocopied them they were waaaaayyyyy too white so I brewed me some tea and stained the music.  I tore them up and Modge Podged them onto the cabinet door.  I let that dry and then added the other image on top with more Modge Podge.  Once that was nice and dry, I did some shading around the graphic with some Soft Black acrylic paint side loaded onto a flat artist brush.  Makes it pop right off the page!  Both graphics were printed off of The Graphics Fairy.  I LOVE her blog.  She has some beautiful vintage graphics for everyone to use for FREE!

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Katie said...

I really love these pictures! They are gorgeous! I haven't attempted much artwork yet, but I'm gonna have to give these a shot :) I have a lot to learn with photography, but the biggest thing I have found is 1-go outside and 2-don't use a flash. I'm not sure people get so many fantastic pictures inside, that's what I am trying to master :) Love your pictures!