Sunday, September 25, 2011

Time to clear the cobwebs!

Aurastone "Black Ice" on a shabby chic console table - close up of top.

Used Annie Sloan Chalk paint and tinted wax-Close up of the details

I got this cute but ugly table at a thrift store. The wood top was peeling off and someone looked like they tried to start painting the poor little thing. I swooped in and got it for $20 and gave it new life!

Well, this is the first full week in the Pacific Northwest since, Oh I don't know.....November! that it is finally NOT raining. I decided now was the time to do some major cleaning to my studio. So, while the sun was actually out, I took everything out of my studio and put it outside. I de-cob webbed, vacuumed and mopped the floor, dusted, etc. Once that was all done, I started bringing stuff back in. This allowed me the opportunity to "edit" what I was putting back so I could declutter. Now I actually have a "clean" room and a "dirty" room in my studio. The dirty side has paper on the floors, and is my painting area, spray booth, epoxying area. Hopefully my clean side will stay just that - CLEAN! (The dirty area has a tendancy to encroach through out the year into the clean area.)

With such a clean space it will be easier to walk in and want to stay in there and be inspired and create new art....I was feeling suffocated before! Now I want to decorate my walls, and make it pretty instead of a "shop".

So, as my tip to you this time of year - shed those things that are weighing you down, de-cobweb your space and your mind and be inspired!

Now that you have a clean, pretty and inspiring space - go create something! :)

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