Monday, September 26, 2011

I went to the Monticello Fall Preview Sale a few weeks ago with my friend Jen.  I found this sad, little stool tucked under some table in the corner for $22.  I felt the need to breath some new life into it.  At the same sale, we found some burlap coffee sacks for a few bucks.  I again used my favorite new paint - Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - and painted the little legs.  Added some foam, batting and muslin and then the burlap. It was super hard getting the burlap around the ornate carved legs - after much cussing, cutting, thought, I decided it was time again for the glue gun!  I glued the burlap around those curvy legs and didn't like the finished product.  Ran to Michael's craft store and found a roll of hemp twine.  Grabbed my trusty glue gun and glued that on to mask my mess and .......Wa La!  Those edges look all neat and tidy!

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